Blockchain Protocol for
the Next Billion Blockchain Users

Fast + Secure + Scalable

Technical Whitepaper  

Introducing Eleven01

Eleven01 is one of the fastest, highly scalable blockchain protocol which aims to make blockchain technologies ready for real world use. Secure-by-default and privacy-focused, the Eleven01 protocol achieves high throughput via dynamic consensus and is designed to scale up to a million transactions per second.

Competitive Advantages

Dynamic Consensus

Support multiple consensus models

Two-Tier Identity Verification

Enhanced security and governance of network

Market place

To publish custom algorithms available for purchase


Encrypted transactions on the ledger without the need for decryption

Customisable Oracle Implementation

Ability to select oracle models that best fits developer needs

Our Vision

The Eleven01 protocol has been created with the aim of bringing India ahead in the blockchain sphere.

We have developed the protocol with the aim of raising a platform which allows the creation,
publication, and extension of the core blockchain services in all sectors.

The mission is to launch a protocol which can interoperate with the other global protocols to form a syndicate of blockchain protocols. In the lead up to our launch, Eleven01 has already partnered with companies like STATWIG, as well as governments and industry consortia like State Government of Telangana, India, CWY and ICRISAT.

Supply Chain

Inventory management, enabling seamless payments, real time perishable goods health, transparent and automated compliance for efficient supply chain

Smart Cities

Permissioned personal data management, and secure transactions to provide better services to citizens while ensuring efficient utilization of resources


Improving the flow of funds from farmer-to-farmer and farmer-to-customer ensuring protected transactions across the supply chain.


Making governance processes simpler and more efficient with blockchain powered internal and citizen facing applications in identity management, certificate verification and several other use cases.

Inside Eleven01

Eleven01 works on a novel transaction engine which employs dynamic consensus algorithm and a secure-by-default feature to fit the needs of every application. Integrating oracles allow the protocol to retrieve data from external services and transmit it to the blockchain—safely.

Technical Whitepaper  


The 1101 token will fuel the Eleven01 platform’s varied developer facing utilities, such as

Asset allocation

Correlate your existing physical assets with Eleven01 tokens who's on-chain transfer can be analysed and used in systems outside the blockchain to maintain transparency and prevent duplicate sales.

Resource consumption

A novel way of consuming resources using the blockchain. Use ‘x’ resource tokens to consume ‘y’ amount of resource.

Advanced use cases

Exchange and dApps to take the blockchain use case to another level.


Eleven01 has forged strong partnerships with key stakeholders in the blockchain ecosystem

Strategic Partnership

10 Billion Dollar
IT conglomerate

Industry Partnerships

India’s biggest blockchain company

International non-profit for better agriculture

India’s largest incubator and innovation initiative

Government Partnerships

State Government of Telangana, India
To build India’s first blockchain district

State Government of Assam, India
To help build internal and government facing blockchain apps

State Government of Goa,

To build a blockchain startup hub

Center for Good Governance
State Government of Telangana, India

Technology driven governance consulting

Startup Partnerships

A cloud-based holistic student performance improvement platform

For the Documentation issues in cross border trade, a blockchain platform for Document digitisation

Codeless deployment of dApps

A social health gamification platform based on blockchain

Developing human capital to drive innovation & transformation in socities

An open ended crypto fund for crypto asset management

Tech innovation in e-waste management

A crypto to fiat exchange

IoT and Blockchain supply chain startup

and 3 more...

Partnership with Educational Institutes


  • Eleven01 Unveiled

    • White paper launched
    • Tech Mahindra Strategic Partnership announced
  • System Architecture

    • Framework, Design
    • Strategy – Security
    • Data
    • Identity Mgmt. & consensus
  • Detailed Design

    • GitHub commits for key modules, components
    • Individual component level unit verification
  • Testnet Release

    • Controlled Beta with select dApps
  • Platform Verification

    • Community & Initial dApp on-boarding
    • Adding development and debugging tools
  • MainNet Live

    • Feature cleansing
    • Controlled commit
    • Strong dApp support mechanism
    • Continuous regression cycle
  • New Features/Updates

    • Enhanced debugging support
    • Development hand-holding, training to build dev community